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Just when you thought you could not find a real Bespoke Tailor...
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Max Martins

Max Martins is an iconic French fashion brand created in 2011. We specialize in creating bespoke suits and shirts for the modern and stylish gentlemen to accommodate both every day business/ smart/casual wear as well as the occasional elegant evening wear.

The brand was created with the sole objective of making our customers feel confident to dress themselves through a truly unique experience.

Thanks to our highly skilled tailors, our customers will look their best with a selection of options as they are free to choose from the finest Italian, British and Swiss fabric. They are also free to choose innovative design for pockets and buttoning, paired with selected opulent colours in exclusive tailor made measurements.

Each suit and shirt is crafted with extreme care and passion to ensure the highest quality to satisfy our fast growing customer base.

At Max Martins, you will finally own a suit and shirt that represents the best of you.

300 Stitches
45 Days
20 Measurements
70 Hours


With Max Martins you will create a new you. You can choose every details about your suit or your shirt. We will make sure every details are craft with an ultimate precision.

StepBy Step

Create your suit or your shirt step by step with the help of our customization expert.


We use the finest fabric in the world.

“A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.”

“Like every good man, I strive for perfection, and like every ordinary man, I have found that perfection is out of reach - but not the perfect suit.”Edward Tivnan

Rendez Vous

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